Featured Project: East Middle School

What did we do?

The project consisted of the complete removal and replacement of the boilers at East Middle School and Columbus Park in Worcester, MA. These 92-year old boilers were twenty feet in height with brick construction and asbestos insulation. The project included asbestos abatement, demolition and removal of the boilers. In addition, 300 linear feet of existing steel piping was to be removed off site. After emptying the basement, CNI installed a new concrete housekeeping pad, new plaster ceiling and lighting. The entire sub basement was re-painted before the new high efficiency boilers were installed. CNI attached the school’s gas, water and electrical systems to the boilers and finally, connected the new boiler control system to the schools energy management system.

Project hurdles to cross

The location of the boilers complicated the project. From the bottom of the sub-basement the concrete walls extended 30 feet to the ceiling of the full basement to form one large room. The only access from the exterior of the building to this room was a winding, narrow steel stairway. CNI had to devise a plan to remove 50 – 30 cubic yard dumpsters worth of debris from the sub-basement to the exterior.

What a difference!

In spite of the obstacles encountered at East Middle School, both boiler projects were completed on time. CNI maintains a very good relationship with the City of Worcester, the project’s architect, The SLAM Collaborative, and the Architectural Consulting Group, the owner’s project managers. Have a look at our before and after photos!

“Throughout the process, your team displayed high levels of professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. It is largely in part because of these traits and your excellent staff that these projects turned out to be an unequivocal success.”-Loren Belida, Project Manager for the Worcester Boiler Projects

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